FSM: Awesome school and lots of fun


Take a large bunch of fresh green uniformed children, - the best you can get. Stir in some original ideas from well seasoned music staff mixing well with children’s creative juices. Allow to simmer!

FSM has a strong performance tradition and a tremendous variety of concerts for all levels and abilities.

Our ethos at FSM is that making music makes fun!

“For changing people’s manners and altering their customs there is nothing better than music”  Shu Ching 600BC

A spirited team of dedicated music professionals seek out and nurture raw talent. Through encouragement and inspirational tuition FSM’s young musicians achieve a tremendous amount of success in concerts and musicals, competitions, festivals, external examinations and music scholarships to senior schools.

There is always a buzz in the music block! Take a peek at our photographs and see what our talented children can achieve!