FSM: Awesome school and lots of fun


Sport means different things to different pupils. For some it is a way of easing the tensions of a day in the classroom. For others, sport is a means to showcase a level of understanding that they are yet to reach in academic circles. There are also those for whom sport is a driving force, where competition is an absolute requirement of their day.

At FSM our programme is designed to fulfil the needs of all these pupils, whilst at the same time providing a complete sporting education in skills, rules, tactics and teamwork.  In the junior year groups, our coaches work incredibly hard to develop the skills of all players. We arrange fixtures throughout the year to allow all players to represent their school, often mixing the stronger and weaker players to facilitate refining of ‘on-field’ skills.

In the senior year groups our focus shifts slightly. Teams are selected on merit and our coaches strive to achieve a ‘gelled’ unit, comprising players who are focussed on achieving as a team. Our results at first team level are testament to the success of the programme.

FSM has developed a fine reputation for sport, through dedicated, experienced coaching staff and talented, enthusiastic children.