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Pirates and Celebrations in the Pre Prep

Pirate Party

The children in the Pre-Prep have just loved this terms topic of ‘Pirates, Parrots and Pieces of Eight’. There have been a great many avenues for each age group to explore at the level appropriate for them so that our seven year olds have enjoyed it every bit as much as our rising threes!

Having said that, the Nursery were hard to beat for enthusiasm on Friday when they had their Pirate Party. The children had arrived with costumes to change into and all weapons were safely stowed out of harms way. They then swiftly set about making their pirate feast. No ships biscuits with weevils in for them either! They made pirate pizza and treasure chest cakes and they thoroughly enjoyed every scrap of it. A wonderful day had been arranged for them, culminating with a performance to their parents in Celebration Assembly. I think that many a small pirate must have slept well that night.  I know that Mrs Kendall and Miss Woodvine did! See more pictures here.


Celebration Assembly

The Pre-Prep staff are very proud of their children and this event, which happens most Fridays in term time, is an opportunity to share our work and celebrate our successes. Parents are welcomed so that they may gain a flavour of what has occurred in the Pre-Prep over the week as each class takes a turn to give a relaxed presentation.  Parents are also invited to undertake this for themselves when the opportunity arises and the children love it when their families are involved in this way. Certificates are awarded and achievements outside of school are equally applauded along with children’s birthdays.

We recognise that for our children their birthday is the most wonderful and important day, arguably more so than Christmas because it is their day. I can remember, as a very small child, holding a candle ring in an assembly whilst I was sung Happy Birthday and I have remembered it for many years. Each child in our school is unique and special and it is wonderful to be able to recognise them in this way. Catch a glimpse here.