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Print Workshop


Canford Print Workshop

Two pupils from Years 5,6,7&8 went to Canford for the afternoon to take part in a Print Workshop organised by the Art Department there. First pupils were given card and stencils to make their printing plates. Texture was added by glueing on finings and tissue paper, masking tape, and sellotape. The plates were then varnished to make them waterproof. Next came the messy part! Plastic gloves were donned and rich coloured inks squeezed out onto the plates. Ink was pushed into the scored lines and then (and this was the hard part!) rubbed off again, (requiring a fair amount of elbow grease!) leaving just a small amount of ink in the lines and textures on the plate. Our pupils were helped by some delightful A level students, who guided them through the process. Then came the fun part! Placing the inked up plates on the etching press, the ink was pressed onto the paper, leaving a beautiful impression of the plate. Our FSM pupils produced some wonderful prints and had the most fantastic afternoon- not least because of the scrumptious brownies and flapjacks provided as sustenance! Thank you to all at Canford for inviting us for such a fun and informative afternoon. Click here to catch us at work.


Fiona Charter