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Year 7's Investigation in the Field

Year 7 brave the elements to measure the lie of the land.

In a bid to investigate the effect that people may have on the natural environment of the new Forest, Year 7 joined forces with the National Parks Education Officer (Leanne) and set about measuring footpath erosion, litter, counting cars, as well as completing their own environmental impact surveys.

It was a bit on the chilly side with a cooling wind coming in from the north but most were dressed for the weather and, like true geographers, they got stuck in.  Most teams managed to apportion the tasks to work efficiently and cooperatively to gather lots of excellent data.  This data will form the backbone of their fieldwork enquiries.  The children will plot graphs and use the information gleaned from Leanne to draw conclusions to answer the title question. This is a practice, the score of which will be sent to their senior schools with the Year 8 Rivers Enquiry next year.

Many thanks to Mr Way (pictured) and Mrs Coxon for supporting the children as they stepped out on this field trip.  It is the start of some hard work to come for their first ‘proper’ Enquiry. See them working here.

Sue Fisher