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Year 3 Trip to the Ancient Technology Centre

On the 7th February Year 3 ventured to the Ancient Technology centre to explore some of the skills that the ancient Romans would have had. Wrapped up against the cold we learnt how to be Roman farmers and our Forest skills came into good use when using the bow saw to prepare wood for the fire. One of our other tasks was to help make a hazel hurdle fence for a new pig pen.  Not only did we learn a new skill but also that good team work makes for better and more efficient construction.

In the afternoon we learnt how important the discovery of fire was in the development of man and tried our hand at using the groma, a tool used by the Romans to ensure their roads were straight. We compared Celtic and Roman buildings, using the reconstructions on site, and to finish off a super day enjoyed being the power behind their replica of a Roman water pump. We were extremely impressed with how much water we could pump so quickly! See more pictures here.