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Pre Prep at the Motor Museum

A Beautiful day at Beaulieu


The Pre Prep children visited Beaulieu Motor Museum to answer lots of their car and engine questions that they have asked in their Topic ‘The Magic of Pre Prep at the Motor MuseumMovement’. Our Guides, Elaine and Ruth, gave us a fantastic presentation and tour and provided us with lots of useful information and we all, teachers included, learned huge amounts. Did you know that the Bloodhound, the contender for the land speed record, has three engines? One is from a formula one car, one from a jet and the final one is from a space rocket! It is expected to exceed 1000mph! We were very impressed, especially the Reception class who had done some investigation ofPre Prep at the Motor Museum rockets prior to the trip. We all had a ride on Gum-drop and the Monorail and had the opportunity to get dressed up and it was great to see some famous cars from films and the television. The children’s behaviour was fantastic and was commented upon as commendable. It was a very exciting trip and we are now enthusiastic to use all our new learning back at school. More pictures here.

Posted on:30/01/2015

Bring and Buy Sale

Thank you to everybody who kindly donated toys/books/puzzles etc Bring and Buyfor the school’s ‘Bring and Buy’ sale in aid of Naomi House.Bring and Buy


The children of 6GM enjoyed putting their ‘East End Market Traders’ skills into good use and there was very little stock left by the end of the sale.Bring and Buy


The sale raised nearly £120 and this will all go to ‘Naomi House’ to help with the remarkable work they do there. See some pictures here.

Posted on:30/01/2015

FSM Has Talent

What a Glorious Evening!


Last night was ‘FSM has Talent’ and it was amazing indicator of how really wonderful the school is.


FSM Has TalentMr. Wells described the involvement and the auditions that included most of the children in the room, and he was right; the  DHH was filled with talent and good will, and it hummed with enthusiasm and kindness. There were some very good performances and there were one or two where FSM Has Talentthe terror of a live audience of your peers may have been overwhelming. What stood out was the amazing and supportive audience and how those almost frozen with first night nerves, warmed up in the warm glow of friends. The audience backed every performance and even joined in to help encourage some of the young performers.FSM Has Talent


There were ten sterling acts that made the finals. Mooby with Ruby and Maddy opened the show and they were adorable with great timing and singing. Livi, Dotti, Alice and Esme followed with Milkshake which was very saucy with tutus and dance. Hatty was next and she had a great voice and outfit and warmed to the audience with real power. 


FSM Has TalentThe Snapshot of the staffroom and identifiable members of the staff was very jolly and the lead was remarkable, but I think it was Charlie and Sean who brought the house down in Barbie. The combination of the flashy outfit and singing from one and the stolid acceptance of Ken was hysterical and well worth its place in the finals.


Hot Single Ladies was delightful with the mismatched socks and all the verve of dance and motion, whereas Tessa and Caitlin as Tingly Orange Jelly Beans just sang their hearts out with some great stepping, the sweets were popular too!


The appearance of three small boys, two in Onesie’s and one with a rucsac full of ‘snowballs could not have prepared anyone for the singing and flurry of flying balls of paper’! ‘Get it Out’ followed and then Paris bravely singing, ‘Somewhere Only We Know”.FSM Has Talent


The grand finale was the very accomplished winners with some amazing dance and great singing. ‘Unity’ were very good and the polished performance of these year 8 girls certainly gave inspiration to the younger members of our community for the years to come!


No review of the evening would be complete without mention of the two rock bands that played while we voted. They were very impressive indeed. Thanks for a great evening!

There are more pictures here.


David Walliams (AKA Chas) 


Posted on:29/01/2015


Milton Abbey Debating Competition


Today, 27th January, I had the honour of representing FSM at Milton Abbey with Milenka and Ella.


This was the first time Milton Abbey hosted such an event and it was our first ever debating competition too!

FSM Debating Team 

We discussed the hot button issue of Fox Hunting in the bus on the way there and Mr Peak give us a few debating tips to help order our ideas.


We were met by former FSM student Ollie Sykes, who acted as our guide and mentor for the afternoon. The activities kicked off with a little workshop, where we had 2 sheets of paper to fill in as a group.


We were debating whether an IPad is better than a book. We came up with loads of ideas for the positive on the IPad.


We used these ideas in a ‘tennis match’ activity throwing our ideas out as single words.


FSM Debating TeamThen we discussed how to grab the audience using arguments based on either reason, emotion or character.


The final part of our workshop highlighted non-verbal techniques. We studied politicians, Malala and even Top Gear presenters to spot who was using which technique!


Then it was competition time and the motion for our debate was, “This house would ban Contact Sports in schools.”  We only had fifteen minutes to write as many points as we could against the motion.


Then, fuelled by a few cupcakes and a drink we went into battle. It was really interesting hearing both side of each motion and we were able to trump Dumpton and win our heat.


Congratulations to the overall winners – Salisbury Cathedral School and our thanks to Milton Abbey for being such excellent hosts.


Written by Alex Miller and Mr Peak  

Posted on:28/01/2015


On Friday 16th January, nearly all of Year 7 spent the day at the Royal Signals Museum in Blandford. 

It was a short minibus ride from FSM to Blandford with Mr Edwards and Miss Braund leading our intrepid students through security and into Blandford Camp.  Once inside, we were met by our host Adam, the museum business manager, who kindly gave us a short tour.  His remit was to explain how communications had developed with the army up until the end of the second world war and it was fulfilled superbly.  Adam led us through a range of exhibits and displays, ending up at the museums Engima and Rockex machines.  Apparently, Rockex was invented in 1943 and the code has never been broken.  It was so good that it's existance was a state secret until well into the 1980s  When asked who knew what the job of the Signals was, not one hand went up, but by the end we all knew their importance and nickname of the Scaley Backs.

From there, we split in two and one group went off to fact find within the museum, while the other expanded on the Caesar Cipher work we completed in class, with a range of increasingly difficult codes to break.  We swapped activities before lunch and then spent some time in the afternoon using all the interactive exhibits as well as testing the morse code machine fully.  It was still working when we left, but only just!

Biscuits at the bus presented us with a team photo opportunity (above) and it was home to school, just in time for double French.  Year 7 will spend their computing lessons in the Spring Term learning why security on the computer is so important and practical applications to keep themselves safe.


The museum is located within the confines of Blandford Camp and is worth a visit on a rainy afternoon, be prepared to take photo ID with you as it is a working MOD facility.  

Posted on:16/01/2015