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Boarding Stars Easter Egg Hunt

Boarding Stars on the Great Egg HuntOn Thursday afternoon, a long eared visitor could be seen on the moor….the Easter bunny had arrived!  Before long, and armed with a picture of what they each had to find, our boarding stars set off on the great FSM Easter Egg Hunt!   It was such fun to watch the children searching together in the spring sunshine but it would appear this Boarding Stars on the Great Egg Huntnovice Easter bunny was a little too good at hiding the Crème Eggs….!  (thank goodness Mr Easter bunny arrived home just in time to make a flying visit to the Co-op for replacements!) 


Happy Easter everyone!


Mrs Rowntree (aka the novice Easter bunny!), Miss Brownie and Emily

Posted on:27/03/2015

Nursery children host our friends from Kingswood

Easter in the NurseryEarlier on in the term Kingswood Nursery were kind enough to allow the Reception class to visit their Forest School to dig trenches. Our children were interested in finding out about tanks and naturally trenches came under discussion. Kingswood Nursery happened to have some established trenches which they were happy for our children to ‘improve’. To say ‘thank you’ we invited some of the children from Kingswood Nursery to spend an Easter themed afternoon with our Nursery, here in the Pre-Prep which they combined with the Pixies Toddler group end of term treat. Mrs Kendall and Miss Carver Easter in the Nurseryarranged lots of lovely activities such as Easter egg potato printing, spring carrot counting, egg painting, birds nest making and cooking. Our guests were offered delicious cakes which the Nursery children had made that morning as well as an afternoon tea provided by Matt White our school chef. They had an ‘eggcellent’ afternoon! See a few pictures here.

Posted on:26/03/2015

Tommy Clarke

Anyone who attended the evening with Tommy Clarke could not have failed toTommy Clarke be inspired. Tommy, a former FSM pupil, returned to our school to talk to the assembled children and parents about his life as a successful photographer.  Having been a bit of a sports star both at FSM and Canford, his ambitions were thwarted by a snowboarding accident. At that point,  he picked up a camera and started photographing his friends playing sport and his career took off. Since Tommy Clarkethen he has shot for most high end fashion magazines on both sides of the Atlantic.  More recently, he has develped a passion for aerial photography and it is these images he shared with the children.  

Tommy showed many of his favourite pictures talking about pattern and texture.  He shared some insights and encouraged the children to just get out there and take lots and lots of photographs and to learn from their mistakes. He Tommy Clarkeexplained that he was self taught, learning through books, magazines and Youtube. Tommy spent an hour patiently answering all the children's very intuitive and intellegent questions. At the end of the evening, he presented the school with one of his prints which will be treasured by us all. He told us that his years at FSM were among the happiest of his school life and he has such joyful memories of his years here.  We are very grateful to Tommy for this inspiring visit.

Posted on:26/03/2015

The Great Egg Race

The Great Egg RaceOn Tuesday 10th March, eight excited Year 6 pupils participated in a science / technology competition at Godolphin School. They worked in teams of four, competing against pupils from other local prep schools in order to produce a paper straw bridge. They were given one hour to decide on a design and make the structure, ensuring it would be strong enough to hold an egg and span a distance of 60cm.


With a buzz in the room, the teams got straight down to work, quickly realising that collaboration and cooperation would help to lead to The Great Egg Racesuccess. At the end of this time, a tense wait followed as each team presented their structure. Happily, every team’s bridge held the weight of an egg and there was no mess made on the floor! Therefore, weights were added to see who had managed to design the strongest bridge.


The final outcome was that Fsm’s team, consisting of Max, Tessa, Sam and Harry B were the overall winners and were The Great Egg Racedelighted to be presented with a chocolate treat!


Well done to all those who took part – the activity clearly demonstrated how patience, careful planning and cooperation can lead to victory!

Posted on:23/03/2015

Guys and Dolls

Guys and DollsAs reviewed by Chas Cochand

The FSM premiere of the all singing, all dancing, Guys and Dolls was always going to be an experience. You could feel the excitement around the school for weeks before. On Friday, Freddy from the Senior Choir, appeared at Cubs still wearing a moustache and Charlie wandered by so deeply tanned I had to ask.

 “Its make-up,” he explained.Guys and Dolls

As the lights went down in the D.H.H. on Saturday afternoon for the first performance,  I wondered if it was just maybe  too ambitious…

What a fool I was!

There was a great opening, full of colour and action, well staged and lit. There was lots of fun “business” with a tangle of tourists and an impossibly engaging posse of police with Ben and Ashley having far too much fun. I loved the louche racing touts and the way the atmosphere was slowly Guys and Dollsbuilding and then we were there.

Ollie almost stole the show as Nathan Detroit, the fast talking con man. He caught the almost plausible naughtiness perfectly. The cash register noise was a really neat effect and I loved “Pigeon” and “Pieface”, such unusual terms of endearment. Chris and Ollie were great together and Chris was a strong singer in his big song and in his role as the villain with a big heart. Well done!Guys and Dolls

The big dance scene to the familiar, “New York, New York” followed with the talented 'Hot Box Girls.  The gamblers started the first Craps Game. There is something pretty funny about children playing Damon Runyon figures from dangerous New York.

The ‘Psychology’ song was great from Adelaide, played by Rosanagh, as she Guys and Dollsmanaged to capture the sadness and humour with style and such talent!  This combined with all the fun of the “Hot Box Girls” swirling on stage which added the style and glamour.

The big first act closing number sung by the Senior Choir seemed to have most of the current Cub Pack in it, and they were impossibly jolly and fun.

Guys and DollsThe move to the “Copa, Copa Cabana” was perfect and the artless Dolce Latte and Bacardi joke was doubly funny coming from young people. Katie's solo was beautiful!  When the Headmaster mentioned that Juan was available for Guys and Dollscocktail parties at the end, it brought back his fabulous dance/movement routine with the martini shaker and smile!Guys and Dolls

The change of the leads added new drama and Lucy on ‘love” was pretty impressive. Felix seemlessly stepped into the role of Sky with a face full of pathos.  You couldn’t help but love Lily ( an ingenue I am told) as the cheeky Salvation Army member and her song was very cute. Then we had the slapstick return of Ben as the ‘in your face’ copper!

Guys and DollsThe tunes were fabulous and funnier coming from children! The revolving door a great piece of stage business that carried the fine props well. Dropping into the sewers with the smoke was well done and very dramatic. Who could resist, “Luck Be a Lady Tonight”?

 I was amazed by Zayn whose delivery of, ‘Sit down you’re rocking the boat…” was perfect and the chorus strong and cheery! We wound to the close, exhilarated and excited.

'Marry the Men,' with Lucy and Rosanagh was stylish and professional, what aGuys and Dolls duo!


Those children could not have asked for a more professional orchestra belting out those great, memorable songs. They were a vision with Rob in in his fedora at the piano and Richard directing a fine team. The costumes were splendid with the Sally Anns contrasting with the Hot Box Girls and the gamblers in suits and hats (though I Guys and Dollscouldn’t decide whether Ollie losing his trousers at one point was part of the act…).

I laughed, swung along and loved it. It was a labour of love to get those busy kids on stage and every child in Year 8 involved including the technical team.  Led by Will Peak, Bev Miller and the Rowntrees, the team brought us a wonderful exuberant and professional, “Guys and Dolls” and we thank you!
See more pictures here.

Posted on:22/03/2015