FSM: Awesome school and lots of fun


Sport means different things to different pupils. For some it is a way of easing the tensions of a day in the classroom. For others, sport is a means to showcase a level of understanding that they are yet to reach in academic circles. There are also those for whom sport is a driving force, where competition is an absolute requirement of their day.

The main aim of the games programme at FSM is to provide every child with the opportunity to challenge, develop and improve their skills and knowledge at the appropriate level. Whilst we attempt to give everyone the chance to represent the school during their time here, we are looking to focus upon skill acquisition of the various activities that we provide, as well as trying to build a life-long enthusiasm for physical activity.

Boys and girls from Year 4 upwards participate in games sessions every day, with fixtures taking place on Wednesdays and Saturdays. In Year 3, games sessions are provided every day apart from a Wednesday afternoon. Where possible the children are grouped in their year group; however, there are some exceptions. In Years 7 and 8, the children are grouped together and split into groups dependent on their ability.

As a result of our emphasis on skill acquisition, we aim to provide fixtures for everyone when they are at a competent level of ability. We try to find fixtures against other schools for as many boys and girls as possible but there will be times where some will have more fixtures than others. Over the course of a year, FSM provides a large number of opportunities for all the children to represent the school in a number of sports. FSM will field teams in football, rugby, hockey, netball, cricket, tennis, athletics, rounders, swimming and cross country. We endeavour to challenge everyone to perform to their best and we are able to push some children towards representative honours.

FSM is blessed with wonderful grounds that play host to 7 football pitches, 4 rugby pitches, a wonderful astro-turf, 3 netball courts, 3 tennis courts, a heated outdoor swimming pool and a multi-purpose hall.