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FSM School Term Dates

Summer Term 2014

Wednesday 23rd April Start of Term (7.00pm)
Saturday 3rd May – Monday 5th May 
1st Sleep-out (12.30pm)
Friday 23rd May – Sunday 1st June Half Term (12.30pm)
Saturday 14th June – Monday 16th June 2nd Sleep-out (after Sports Day)
Friday 4th July   End of Term Pre-Prep (12noon)
Saturday 5th July End of Term Main School (12noon)



Wednesday 3rd September                    Start of Term (7.00pm)

Friday 26th September – Sunday 28th September    1st Sleep-out (2.45pm)

Friday 10th October – Sunday 12th October             2nd Sleep-out (2.45pm)

Thursday 23rd October – Sunday 2nd November       Half Term (2.45pm)

Friday 21st November – Monday 24th November     3rd Sleep-out (2.45pm)

Wednesday 10th December             End of Term Pre-Prep (12noon)

Thursday 11th December                End of Term Main School (11.00am)           


SPRING TERM 2015 (Provisional)

Wednesday 7th January                                         Start of Term (7.00pm)

Friday 23rd January – Sunday 25th January             1st Sleep-out (2.45pm)

Friday 13th February – Sunday 22nd February          Half Term (12.30pm)

Friday 13th March – Sunday 15th March                   2nd Sleep-out (2.45pm)

Friday 27th March                           End of Term Whole School (12noon)           

 SUMMER TERM 2015 (Provisional)

Wednesday 22nd April                                             Start of Term (7.00pm)

Saturday 2nd May - Monday 4th May                         1st Sleep-out (12.30pm)

Friday 22nd May – Sunday 31st May                          Half Term (12.30pm)

Saturday 13th June – Monday 15th June                   2nd Sleep-out (after Sports Day)

Friday 3rd July                                             End of Term Pre-Prep (12noon)

Saturday 4th July                                         End of Term Main School (12noon)


AUTUMN TERM 2015 (Provisional)

Wednesday 2nd September                                       Start of Term (7.00pm)

Friday 25th – Sunday 27th September                      1st Sleep-out (2.45pm)

Friday 9th – Sunday 11th October                             2nd Sleep-out (2.45pm)

Thursday 22nd October – Sunday 1st November         Half Term (2.45pm)

Friday 20thMonday 23rd November                      3rd Sleep-out (2.45pm)

Wednesday 9th December                          End of Term Pre-Prep (12noon)

Thursday 10th December                           End of Term Main School (11.00am)

 Please note:


  • All boarders should return on the evening of the first day of term
  • Day children will start school on the morning after that date.
  • Sleep-outs will begin for Yrs 3-8 at 2.45pm (unless displayed otherwise in bold)

Pre-Prep children with siblings in the Main School can be collected at 2.45pm or 3.00pm.  Minibuses will depart at 2.45pm. All sleep-outs are non-optional.

  • Boarders returning to school at the start of term, after half terms and sleep-outs should  do so no earlier than 6.00pm and not later than 7.00pm



Term Dates