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When I was at school I loved to learn new things and even old things if they were taught in interesting ways - which was fortunate as I went to a succession of Army schools and I was taught about ‘The Romans' in every one of them! I also learned a great deal about schools and teachers and although I did a great many things before becoming a teacher myself, once I did so, I was hooked.

Pre Prep at FSMI delight in accompanying children in their learning and believe that a very important part of this is the environment in which they learn. This is outstanding at Forres Sandle Manor Pre-Prep, and there are plans to make it even more so. Here, ‘play' is respected for what it is - essential to a child's investigation and discovery of the world around them. Moeller termed such playful activity as ‘joyful learning' and we very much encourage and facilitate its development through skilful, sensitive guidance and teaching within a rich, enabling environment. This exists within the classroom naturally, but also in our garden, our playground and in the forest area as well as in our purpose built outdoor classroom. These are all key to the development of creativity and imagination, which are important aspects of every child's successful future, and not just in the Arts as an initial reading of these words might suggest. Einstein himself said, ‘imagination is more important than knowledge', and we wholeheartedly support this in our teaching of the key skills for learning.

At the Pre-Prep we value, nurture and respect each child so that when they leave us at the end of Year 2 they can not only read and write and have laid the foundations to become skilful scientists and mathematicians, they have also learned how to learn; to take risks and make mistakes and try again; to be curious and investigate in their own way at their own pace to achieve their own potential

Childhood is a special time in its own right. It is not just a preparation for the future. However, by valuing the first, we naturally foster the second. Children are special and at FSM we believe it and they know it.

Tracy Spottiswood
Head of Pre Prep

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