FSM: Awesome school and lots of fun

Subject overviewsUpper School

In the Upper School, consisting of years 6, 7 and 8,  we offer a broad and balanced range of academic and creative subjects which allow our children to develop into independent learners who always successfully move on to the senior schools of their choice.

Each year we are pleased to celebrate the number of our boys and girls who achieve a variety of academic, all-rounder, art, music and sports scholarships in addition to their healthy examination results at Common Entrance.

Furthermore, each year we are proud to announce the success of the few children who choose to undertake the 11+ tests for the grammar schools in nearby Dorset and Wiltshire.

We constantly review the curricula throughout the school to ensure that both our teachers and children remain fresh, inspired and challenged.  The overviews showing what we teach to each year group in each subject evolves and changes through time.

Our Upper School is made up of Years 6, 7 and 8. Year 6 is a transition year in which we tend to lay the early foundations for those children in Years 7 and 8 who are heading towards the Common Entrance Examinations.

In Year 7 and 8 we teach to the I.S.E.B. Common Entrance syllabuses and in June each year the Year 8 children sit their examinations in English, Mathematics, Science, French and, optionally, Latin. We are pleased to confirm that we have opted out of the I.S.E.B. Common Entrance examination of the Humanities- a move that has allowed us a much more flexible and creative approach to the teaching and learning of History, Geography and Religious Studies, especially for our potential scholars.

Interspersed with these academic disciplines, we offer a variety of practical and character-building subjects such as Art, Drama, P.E. Design Technology, Music, Current Affairs, Life Skills, General Studies, ICT and Games.

The pupils' academic progress is reported to parents three times a year, combined with two parent/teacher meetings. Reports give effort grades, National Curriculum levels and advice on the way forward in each discipline.

To help understand all of our learners, a wide variety of strategies are used throughout the school to monitor pupils' academic progress. Regular standardised testing takes place in English, Mathematics and reasoning throughout each pupil's FSM career. Year 6 sit internally set and marked examinations in all of the academic subjects at the end of the Summer Term, as do Year 7. Years 7 and 8 also sit examinations at the end of the Autumn Term. Apart from the C.E. exams, our testing is internal.