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The 11+

11+ testing is determined by the grammar schools; it is their admissions procedure and does not involve any interviews.  At the end of September each year, children must sit tests in mathematics, English and verbal reasoning. 

Parents must apply to their local County Council/Local Authority, as well as register with the grammar school itself. FSM is not involved in this application procedure. Children who live within reasonable travelling distance of the school are usually deemed to be eligible.

Our local grammar schools are:


South Wilts Girls  www.swgs.wilts.sch.uk
Bishop Wordsworth (Boys)  www.bws.wilts.sch.uk


Bournemouth School for Boys  www.bournemouth-school.bournemouth.sch.uk
Bournemouth School For Girls  www.bsg.bournemouth.sch.uk


Poole Grammar School (boys)  www.poolegrammar.com
Parkstone Grammar School (girls)  www.parkstone.poole.sch.uk

Their websites give much detail on exactly what is involved in the 11+ procedure, as well as 13+ admissions.