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Learning Centre

Welcome to our thriving and popular Learning Centre where, ‘the quality of support for pupils with learning difficulties is excellent.’ (ISI Inspection Report 2007)

classIt’s a well-known fact that children progress at different stages during their development. Here, at the Centre, our dedicated and dynamic team of specialist teachers, provide expert tuition to the children who are ‘at risk’ of falling behind the relevant academic expectations in each year group.

The Learning Centre is here to support and guide these children by teaching cumulative, multi-sensory programmes carefully crafted to the child’s individual need.

Our Early Identification Programme acts as a ‘net’ for those children who are considered to be at risk of reading delay in Year 1. Intensive one-to-one instruction for a short period results in significant progress in the acquisition of basic literacy skills.

mathsMaths support plays a vital role in the Centre’s provision for those who find this core subject a challenge. Under the guidance of our maths specialist, the children are able to work at their own pace, putting in place essential building blocks.

Ultimately, FSM children sit Common Entrance exams and The Learning Centre teachers help prepare the students for this challenge. They are taught a variety of revision techniques including mind mapping, note-taking and memory triggers. 

Members of The Learning Centre benefit from ‘extra time’ in their examinations and we liaise closely with an Educational Psychologist, who will have assessed, identified and certified this need.  We have established strong links with most Senior Schools in the area to ensure that the transition to the secondary phase of education is a smooth one.

Parents are kept fully informed of their child’s progress and are able to telephone or meet with teaching staff of the Centre to discuss any concerns.

At The Learning Centre, our door is always open!