FSM: Awesome school and lots of fun


Mum, when can I be a boarder…..?

Hogwarts may be magical. You may be able to play Quidditch and there may be lessons in Wizardry, but they don’t have Dr Who Theme Nights or Build-a-Burger competitions. And Madame Pomphrey may be efficient, but she isn’t as warm and friendly as our matrons! Our housemasters may not be weird (like Snape) but they are certainly wonderful. In these and so many more ways, the FSM boarding house is certainly The Best Boarding House in the World – Hogwarts, St Trinians and the rest included! So it isn’t surprising that demand for boarding places continues to rise year after year.

BoardersHappy children succeed and our primary aim is for our boarders to be happy. They have a great deal of fun. Wednesday evenings are Boarders’ Nights with an array of cosy, exciting, dramatic, original and extraordinary activities arranged and there are equally cool things to do on Sundays. At other times there is a special spirit among the boarders and those who care for them.

But what makes our boarding really special?

  • On any given evening we will have about ten adults available to meet medical needs, undertake logistical and supervisory duties and have fun, read (especially with our younger boarders), chat, and play with individuals or groups.
  • A majority of FSM staff are involved in boarding – whether during the week or at weekends. It is the boarding school structure which allows us to be the school we are: creative, imaginative and, above all, caring.
  • We have lots of ‘full’ boarders but we welcome weekly boarders, too. Boarders in Years 3, 4 and 5 are welcome to go home for a mid-week break on Wednesday evenings but few choose to do so given what they will miss!
  • We have about 90 boarders which means that we can be entirely flexible when someone wants to go out for the weekend – knowing that there will be plenty of children remaining at school. Most weekends there will be over 50 children in school.
  • We offer ‘total care’ with staff going way beyond the requirement to meet the children’s most obvious needs. They go out of the way to provide the subtle touches which may not be strictly necessary but which make boarders know we care. Boarders think we work not for money but for sheer pleasure!

….and underpinning everything is the desire for our boarders to feel secure, well cared for and cheerful! And on the rare occasions when things don’t go quite as planned, there are lots of people on hand to offer comfort, advice and support: lots of people to bring a smile back to their face!

FSM : The Best Boarding House in the World!