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Gifted and Talented: Pace (Programme for Able Children's Education)

At FSM we value the individuality of every child and believe that all have a gift or a talent for something. As a school we encourage our children to discover their strengths and to develop their interests and abilities. We seek to create an atmosphere where to excel is not only acceptable, it is desirable. So why do we have PACE?

PACE is FSM's programme to maximise the potential of the children who are particularly able, be it creatively or academically, or both. Naturally, our provision for the gifted and talented child begins in the classroom. Here excellent differentiation and imaginative teaching methods challenges our children and brings out the best in all. In addition we offer targeted acceleration through our scholarship and 11+ workshops.

However, the purpose of our PACE programme is to offer the able child a wide range of extension and enrichment activities beyond the classroom to further challenge and stimulate them. This includes workshops and extra-curricular activities.

In school, a ‘gifted' child is one who shows an academic ability in a subject and is well ahead of most other young people in that particular year group. If a child is ‘gifted', for example in science, it doesn't mean they are a genius at science or that they are the next Einstein. It just means that in their year group at that particular time at our school, they are a good deal better at science than the majority.

A ‘talented' child, on the other hand, is one who shows an ability which is well ahead of most other children in their year group, in an artistic or practical subject like art, DT, music or sport. That doesn't mean that they are going to be an Olympic champion; just that they are a better athlete than most other children in their particular year group at FSM.

However, it is important to note that raw ability alone will not automatically mean a child will benefit from PACE. We look for other qualities such as resilience, self -motivation, creative ‘thinking or doing' and intellectual curiosity.

PACE is not exclusive. We frequently invite other children to join our activities where they have shown a particular spark, aptitude, motivation or creative interest in an issue, theme, topic, subject, skill or where they show a real interest in in ‘how' they have learnt, as opposed to ‘what' they have learnt.

"Gifted and talented are suitably challenged and achieve highly in class and in enrichment activities....Provision is excellent."

ISI report 2011.