FSM: Awesome school and lots of fun


Once you get some pieces under your belt you might like to think about joining group so that you learn how to play with friends.

FSM prides itself on the vast number of musical ensembles on offer, some as part of the teaching curriculum and others as extra-curricular activities.

There are junior and senior groups which meet weekly to help furnish our young musicians with ensemble skills.

What a pleasure it is to see so many of FSM’s pupils queuing up eagerly to get stuck into their latest ensemble piece!

We currently offer the following weekly musical ensembles all of which are run by specialist musicians:

Hymn Orchestra       

For senior musicians from years 6-8, by invitation, this group accompanies the morning hymn in school assembly. This helps improve sight-reading and confident tonal projection. They are busy every Monday morning to help kick start the week with on a high note!

Liquorice Sticks         

FSM’s junior wind ensemble. For players from years 3-8 who have reached a grade 1-2 standard.  Light –hearted arrangements are studied to help the players improve their music reading and initial ensemble skills. Look out for Lix Stix in the spring concerts.

Senior Choir  

For the very best senior voices in the school, this choir is for children from Years 6, 7 and 8. Entry is by audition and the Senior Choir studies a wide range of choral repertoire in 2 and 3 part texture from formal sacred works to popular song arrangements. This fine choir sing regularly in a large number of musical presentations throughout the academic year.

The Milltree Minors

FSM’s Middle School Choir made up of pupils from years 3, 4 and 5. This affords its members an initial insight into blending voices in harmony using arrangements in 2 parts. Come along to the middle school production and the junior Spring Concert to hear them sing so beautifully. This choir also recorded the FSM School song in a professional recording studio!

Fabulous Fiddles

For pupils from years 4-8, by invitation. This ensemble helps junior strings find their place in the string section whilst gaining an understanding of initial ensemble skills.

Stradivarius Strings

For senior string players from Years 6, 7 and 8, who are invited to join. This exquisite ensemble develops more refined ensemble techniques such as leading and improving intonation. They cover a wonderfully broad range of musical styles and genres in rehearsal and formal performance and you can see them perform in the senior concerts every term.


Players of orchestral instruments are invited to join together and create a big sound! This larger ensemble develops an understanding of how the musical parts fit together and explores all manner of music from film themes to traditional works.  So good that even some of the teachers come too!  The Orchestra can be heard at most of the senior concerts each term.

Junior Rock Group

Anything the seniors can do, the juniors can do too! By popular demand our Rockers from Years 3, 4 and 5 come and explore driving grooves and enjoy developing their own compositions. Look out for Junior Rock group in the spring term concerts.

Senior Vocal Ensemble

For senior pupils from years 5-8 who study singing formally. This ensemble enjoys beautiful vocal arrangements across a wide range of styles and genres. We always enjoy hearing the SVE’s engaging performances in senior presentations every term.

Senior Rock Group

For senior vocalists and musicians, by invitation. This unique group write their own songs and refine them through performance work. These guys Rock up at the senior performances toward the end of every term.

Scatcat Saxes

For saxophonists who have reached grade 3 -6 standard. The Scatcats have a chance to play soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophones as they work on a broad range of music from the saxophone quartet repertoire. Look out for the Scatcats in the senior spring and summer presentations.

Prima Tempi Choir               

Our youngest school choir for all pupils in year 3. A fun choir practice where we explore initial singing and music making skills whilst learning some fun songs. After the first half of the autumn term the Prima Tempi’s join the Milltree Minors to experience a bigger choral sound. We hear the Prima Tempi Choir perform in the Middle School musical each November.

Jazz Group                 

For senior players from years 5-8 who have attained grade 3-6 standard.  This group is by invitation and explores the genres of Swing, Rock and Latin-American music. Jazz Group pops up in senior concerts every term with oh such slick beats to get you all dancing and out of your seats!