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Where does ICT fit into the curriculum?
We believe that good ICT skills are too important to simply stand alone within the curriculum. We aim to integrate ICT in all aspects of school life through a co-ordinated approach. This involves pupils learning specific skills in ICT lessons and then applying those skills shortly afterwards as part of their studies in other subjects. The children have weekly lessons and many become very adept at using not only basic word processing but also have opportunities to use their creative skills through the use of PowerPoint, Photoshop, film making and, more recently, web design. After school activities provide additional chances to learn skills which would not normally be covered in the curriculum. These have included simple programming languages and more recently activities such as podcasting.
What is the food like?
The children say the food is great! Of course not everyone likes everything but the menus are varied and there are always lots of fruit and vegetables available. The salad bar is a daily highlight and our talented chef always makes sure there is something new and interesting to try. The children are served ‘family style’ with a member of staff at every table. This is a great way for the teachers to get to know all the children in the school in a relaxed more informal way – not to mention to encourage children to display good table manners!
What are the class sizes?
We have class sizes of a maximum of 18 pupils but the average is usually 15/16
What is the pupil teacher ratio?
We have a ratio of one teacher to 8 children. We make use of many classroom assistants as well as a specialist learning teacher who helps support children who need an extra bit of help in the class.
How many boarders do you have?
Our boarding house is thriving! We are at our full capacity of 99 boarders. We have a good mixture of boys and girls and our junior boarding; (8-10 year olds) is bursting both with children and enthusiasm.
How many boarders stay in at weekends?
Our weekend programme is very popular and busy and on most weekends well over half the boarders stay in. Sundays are considered the best day of the week with activities and outings planned every weekend.
Do you stream children?
There is some setting in years 6-8, for maths, English and French.
What is your catchment area?
To say ‘the world’ sounds flippant but actually we do have students whose parents live abroad both with the services and in other lines of work. We have many local children as well and run an extensive bus service to many local areas.
Do you cater for children with learning difficulties?
Our Learning Centre, which caters for the needs of forty children with specific learning difficulties, is well known and respected both locally and nationally. FSM is a non selective school but is geared to the Common Entrance examinations. We believe happy children succeed and that success breeds success. Before accepting a place in The Learning Centre we hope parents will determine whether the quite rigorous academic programme at FSM is suitable for their child.
Why do you have Saturday School?
FSM is a busy place. We have a full academic curriculum supplemented by a daily sports programme, 40 after school activities, not to mention art, drama, music, cubs, brownies and just plain fun!! We have sports fixtures on Saturday and Wednesday afternoons. Every second or third weekend is a ‘sleep-out’ which allows the children to have a ‘breather’ at home (or a special family weekend) before the adventure continues!
What are the school’s most recent developments?
We have a sparkling ‘new’ pre-prep building which is alive with colour and exploding with excited and enthusiastic children (and teachers!) Next term, our sports teams will be playing on a new all weather pitch which is currently under construction.
What is your school known for?
We really believe that ‘happy children succeed’! We aim to provide as many opportunities for children as possible and during their time at FSM, every child will find something to amuse, excite and inspire them. We want every child to feel proud of their achievements and to leave FSM believing they can do anything and everything.