On Friday 13th September years 7 and 8 took part in some Money Sense workshops provided by NatWest.

As part of the life skills curriculum called The Wider World, our children are taught about money and economics. To support the teaching of this, Mrs Whiteley invited Mrs Charlotte Tiller, a Community Banker from NatWest, to run a money sense workshop with pupils in years 7 and 8.

The workshop focused on how to get the best deal for a mobile phone. Their first task was to consider their personal choices on what would be important from a mobile phone. Some felt a Sky Sports app would be essential whilst others use their phones for social media and sending messages.

Pupils were then tasked to choose phones for different people to suit the way the use their phones, and on how they would be financing them. Pupils considered the attributes and costs from four different phones and were able to make sensible and well thought through decisions for the individuals concerned.

Following the tasks, pupils were given the opportunity to ask questions about working for a bank and the many job opportunities available. Working as a digital banker, fighting fraud and designing apps sounded very exciting. All in all, a very interesting and thought provoking workshop.

Written by Mrs Whiteley