House System - Forres Sandle Manor

House System

Every great school needs a thriving house system and our 4 houses are:

Broomy, Hasley, Pittswood & Sloden.

Across the school, each pupil and nearly every member of staff is a member of a House. Siblings are always in the same House.

The House System & Senior School

As a Senior School pupil, there are unique opportunities to participate in and become a leader within our House system.

Firstly, all pupils are able to compete in competitions across the year.  Our ambition for the House system is to ensure that every pupil in the school can find events that they genuinely want to participate in and where they feel they can excel.

By participating in these events, pupils can win points for their House but also compete alongside friends in their year group, as well as pupils from across other year groups in the school.  

Most importantly, as a Senior School pupil, there is the chance to apply for various House student leadership positions.  House Captain and House Vice Captain roles will be introduced for Senior School pupils.  Those appointed will play a significant part in the life of the whole school, including supporting the other pupils who hold House leadership positions.

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Trips and Excursions


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