From the Head

From Mr Jody Wells, Headmaster

“At Forres Sandle Manor School, we strongly believe that happy children succeed. This ethos underpins everything we do and creates a community of children who are confident, eager to learn, brave enough to take risks, and caring of each other. At a time when young people’s peace of mind is being eroded by a range of external pressures, we aim to create an environment where children can just be children, with the freedom to find and explore their passions. Our innovative new Saturday morning enrichment activities, focused on children’s creative and personal development, are a great example of this.

As I take a daily stroll through the school, I see evidence of our children’s happiness all around – from the reception children enthralled by earthworms in our Forest School, to the year 5 child who has just had a ‘lightbulb moment’ in maths, to the year 8 netball team excitedly preparing to host a rival school.

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As a non-selective school, we believe that the richness of our community is its variety, and we support all children, wherever they sit academically, to achieve their potential. We’re really proud of our high flyers and scholars who are nurtured and stretched through our Able Child Programme, but we’re also bursting with pride for the children who overcome challenges to achieve their goals, and our excellent Learning Centre provides tailored support for children who learn differently.

Despite being a school with a predominant focus on the pastoral – or perhaps because of it – our pupils excel academically. Last year, 100% of our leavers won places at their first choice senior schools. I am always truly inspired to see the young people they have become: confident, compassionate, resilient, and above all, happy.”