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The Barton Award

We are thrilled to introduce The Barton Award, a prestigious bursary award designed for students currently enrolled in Year 6 and above within mainstream education.

Named in honour of Mr and Mrs Barton, esteemed supporters of our school who exemplify the core values of Forres Sandle Manor, this award celebrates their dedication and advocacy.

The Award

The Barton Award extends a tuition fee discount of up to 50%, complemented by the opportunity to apply for one of our esteemed scholarships, which includes an additional fee award.

This award is tailored for children whom we recognise possess the attitude, dedication, and untapped potential to excel at Forres Sandle Manor. For them, joining our exceptional school promises to be a transformative journey.

The primary aim of this award is to broaden access, enabling more children and families to access the life-changing opportunities afforded by a Forres Sandle Manor education.

Upon receiving the award, the fee remission remains guaranteed until the completion of Year 11, ensuring sustained support throughout their educational journey.


Register Your Interest

To register your interest, please click here and fill out our Barton Award Form.


Mr and Mrs Barton here at Forres Sandle Manor with Alumni

The Bartons with Alumni


The Barton Award

Here is our Head Mr Mark Howe talking about the Barton Award.



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