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There are many logistical items that need thinking about for any pupils coming from abroad. Forres Sandle Manor has welcomed international students from many different countries for many years, and all staff are trained to support pupils transitioning into English education, and England.
The below offers a short overview of some key areas. However, we will be in much more contact once you’ve decided that Forres Sandle Manor is the school for your child.

English as An Additional Language
(EAL) Support

Once you have chosen us as your School of choice, we ask that you complete our International Application Form online <<INSERT LINK WHEN HAVE IT>>. We will discuss with you in advance of your child attending the School as to whether they will require EAL support.
Dependent on the level of EAL required, there may be additional fees incurred. This is to ensure that your child integrates well with their studies and classmates.

Half terms and sleep outs
(sometimes known as exeats)

Each term we have one half term, and also two sleep outs which are mandatory and the School closes during this time.
We can assist in making arrangements for your child to stay in the UK during these times. Please discuss with us, and we will make specific arrangements with you directly.


We’re able to offer advice on how to ensure that your child gains the correct visa for their time at Forres Sandle Manor.
All pupils coming from outside the EU must apply for a visa. (Correct as of 20 August 2019, pre Brexit deal.)


For parents who live abroad, it is required that pupils have a UK guardian. This can be a family or friend if you wish. However, we can also advise on Guardianship services local to us. The choice of Guardianship service is completely with the parent/s though and a separate relationship to that of the School.
Guidance on what is expected of a Guardian can be obtained from on request. On emailing, please outline the country you reside in.

Transport and Airport Transfers

We can arrange transport and airport transfers if required. We will discuss your needs with you on a one-to-one basis


Don’t worry about this in advance of arriving at the School. On your child’s first day at the School we will take their measurements and order it for you. For the first couple of days your child will be able to make use of our second hand shop.

List of things to bring

Once your child has enrolled with us, we will be in contact with a full list of things that they need to bring with them, and things to consider. We know that you may not be able to fly over with everything. Many things can be bought in the UK for them, or shipped over at a later date if you wish. We’re here to help them, and you, every step of the way.

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