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Forres Sandle Manor is a welcoming community to all pupils – and believe that diversity brings strength to learning. For UK students, it offers them friends with different perspectives and backgrounds. For international students, our School offers a safe, secure and small environment to embed themselves into learning but also English culture.

Forres Sandle Manor has welcomed students from all over the world to study – anywhere from a few weeks to many years. Pupils have most recently been from Spain, Norway, France and China.

A ‘Buddy’ for Each New Pupil

We understand that for anyone coming to a different country is daunting, let alone a child alone. Therefore, each international pupil is given a buddy from their class. The buddy is likely to also be a boarder at the School so that they can have their friend with them in the evenings too.

The buddy will help them get used to the way that things are done at the School, but also in England when out-and-about.

Our staff are well established in looking after children away from home with a range of backgrounds.

Where we are in England

Forres Sandle Manor is set in 35 acres of private grounds in the New Forest, which is in the county of Hampshire. It’s about an hour and a half drive to London Heathrow airport, and two hours to London Gatwick.

We’re in the small and picturesque town of Fordingbridge. However, we’re only a short drive to the historic city of Salisbury, and the seaside town of Bournemouth.

Pupils who board with us will go off-site often and experience the fantastic environment around us – anything from trips to the beach, to a local water park, to a history trip to Bath and Oxford. Alongside enjoying the wonderful forest setting that we live in each day!

International Pupils Thoughts

Check back here soon – we will be putting up some thoughts from past and present FSM international pupils about what it’s like to come and study here.

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