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Enrichment Programme

At FSM, the final and equally fundamental part of helping pupils to be happy and successful is to ensure they enjoy outstanding personal development.  As is the case with outstanding pastoral care, it is our belief that this needs to have dedicated time each and every day of a young person’s time in our Senior School.  

To achieve this, all of our Senior School pupils begin their day with lesson one as an Extended Curriculum (‘Enrichment’) session. Every term, all Senior School pupils are able to choose from a huge range of sessions (1 per day), which will often mix pupils with similar passions from different year groups together. 



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Find out about our weekend provision here.

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For our pupils, this has several benefits:

1. It provides them with a chance to start every day (when teenagers are often least likely to learn effectively in a classroom setting) with an activity they have chosen.  A great way to start every day at school!

2. Socially, it enables them to spend time and make friends with peers from different year groups who enjoy the same interests.

3. For older pupils, it provides meaningful opportunities to develop and show leadership. For those in the younger years, they are able to see older role models to aspire towards.

4. Every pupil can enjoy weekly sessions over at least a term, enabling each to have a purposeful outcome, for example, a performance or additional qualification.

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