Weekend Provision - Forres Sandle Manor

Weekend Provision

The curriculum at Forres Sandle Manor runs from Monday to Friday, but in addition to ensuring our boarding pupils are actively engaged at weekends, we also believe it is important to offer our local pupils the opportunity to further extend their learning and personal development should they wish.


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Every Sunday, during term time, we take all of our boarding pupils on a day trip to a local place of interest, or one further afield.  The list of trips will be published prior to the start of each term and it is our ambition that day pupils will be able to opt-in to these trips on a case-by-case basis, thereby enabling them to enjoy more time with their friends, visiting places of particular interest.

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Saturday Mornings

Every Saturday morning during term time, all FSM pupils from Years 3 and above are welcome to participate in our Super-Curriculum sessions.  There are two sessions, each lasting 90 minutes (with a break in between), which means that pupils wishing to participate will be in school from 9 am until 12:30 pm.  Every half term, our aim is to provide pupils with an ever-expanding range of sessions which will enable them to find new passions and interests.

Sessions are run both on and off-site, with the latter usually spanning across both sessions to enable the pupils to travel to and from a venue and have over 2 hours to enjoy an activity. 


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