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The boarders’ Christmas Feast

Lots of extra planning went into the boarders’ Christmas Feast this year but seeing the children’s faces as they walked […]

We’re off to see the Wizard!

I always enjoy coming up with themes for our termly boarders’ Theme Nights and when my eyes caught sight of […]

Year 8 organise our ‘Wicked Wednesday’

This week it was the turn of our Year 8 boarders to plan our ‘Wicked Wednesday’ and what a fantastic […]

Boarders’ weekend antics

Following very heavy rainfall last Saturday, the boarders thankfully awoke to blue skies on Sunday morning.  Following a delicious full […]

The boarders enjoying zorbing!

Last Sunday began, as all FSM Sundays do, with a delicious full English breakfast followed by letter writing home.  It […]

Midweek makeover for the boarders

Our ‘Wicked Wednesday’ this week gave our boarders the opportunity to have a giggle and enjoy a little makeover.  For […]

An adventure in the New Forest for our boarders

On a bright Sunday morning, the boarders set off on an adventure into the New Forest.  They thought they were […]

Escape Rooms

Last week the boarders enjoyed a different type of ‘Wicked Wednesday’ in the form of Escape Rooms.  Three locations around […]

A wonderful weekend in the boarding house

‘When life gives you lemons, make lemonade’…..well that was certainly the boarders’ mantra last weekend and what a wonderful weekend […]

Boarders’ first weekend of term

Have you ever wondered what the ingredients are for a perfect weekend to start the new boarding year?  Well, let […]

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