Food is such an essential part of life – and has a direct impact on pupil learning as well as physical and mental development.

Our Catering Manager, Matt White, creates a weekly menu alongside our award winning catering company.

Mr White prides himself on balancing fresh and seasonal ingredients, balanced nutrition, making food fun, creativity and variation. Each term, a panel of pupils meet with Mr White and the Headmaster to discuss the food that is being served.

During the year, we have themed days and weeks to encourage discussion about food – ensuring our pupils are educated in what they’re eating, and not just eating it!

This Week’s Menu 

We’ve left up some menus as examples of the food pupils have at FSM. Once the School has reopened we will place up weekly menus again. 


Our Food

We will be putting up some photos of the great food our pupils have whilst at School. At lunch our pupils enjoy family service – where they sit in tables together and enjoy a main course and desert. A family service is fantastic for group engagement and enabling conversation between friends and across age groups. It also encourages pupils to try food they may not have experienced before alongside their peers. At dinner, our boarders get to go up to the counter and choose their own options. Our chefs are able to cater for all food intolerance’s and allergies. 

Our Match Teas and Events Catering

Our Match Tea and Events Catering is completed by our in-house team – and is always a range of delicious treats as well as healthy options.