What an unforgettable Wicked Wednesday we had this week for Boarders!

Boarders Astronomy Evening - Wicked Wednesday

Our campus was filled with beaming smiles and a sense of wonder as our boarders cast their eyes towards the heavens. We were thrilled to welcome the phenomenal Fordingbridge Astronomers to lead an extraordinary workshop covering an array of fascinating topics.

From the intricacies of our neighbouring planets to the intricacies of different telescope models and their practical applications, the workshop was an eye-opening journey through the cosmos. Exploring the mysteries of the galaxy left everyone in awe, captivated by the vastness of space and our place within it.

Boarders Astronomy Evening - Looking at Stars

A huge thank you goes out to Mr Hodgson and the incredible team at Fordingbridge Astronomers. Your expertise and passion illuminated our minds and ignited a newfound curiosity for the universe. We are immensely grateful for the invaluable knowledge and unforgettable experience you shared with us. Here’s to reaching for the stars together! 

Photographs from the evening

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