It was an absolutely stunning day for the first boarding trip of the Summer Term yesterday (21/04/24)! After the chill of winter, the warmth of the sun felt like a cosy blanket, and the beach was the perfect escape. Our boarders soaked up the sun and the fun, turning the day into a memorable one.


From the moment they hit the sand, the air was filled with laughter and the spirit of camaraderie.  Building sandcastles became a group project, with each pupil adding their own touch of creativity. Digging holes turned into a hilarious competition to see who could create the biggest one without hitting water!

The football and volleyball games were the highlight, with everyone showing off their skills and competitive spirits. The teamwork displayed was a joy to watch, truly capturing the essence of what makes our boarding community so special. 

Boarders at the Beach April 24 in Sand

And what’s a day at the beach without ice cream? Melting in the sun never tasted so sweet. 🍦

Thank you to all our boarders and staff who made this day such a success. It’s days like these that remind us why we #LoveBoarding. Here’s to many more sunny days and beach trips ahead! 


Boarders at the Beach – The Photographs

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