For our intrepid band of photographers, the day couldn’t have been better. We started at Brenscombe Activity Centre near Corfe with a talk from our wonderful, and much loved instructor, John Rowland before heading to Swanage Pier. John helped the children find examples of symmetry, pattern, shape and texture both above and below the pier.  It was a wonderful day on the pier and there were many a ‘decisive moment’ as the children asked various people to pose or if they could take their portrait.  Lunch was back at Brenscombe in the beautiful September sunshine.  We continued with a short lecture on composition then it was down to Kimmeridge Bay to greet the low tide.  The advanced group experimented with shutter speed, and aperture as well as trying their hand at ICM (intentional camera movement).  It was hard to pull ourselves away with so many wonderful photo opportunities.  Splashing rock was the perennial favourite although the gull with the fish in its mouth took everyone’s breath away!

We even had a photo worthy traffic jam on the way home (see sheep).

Please watch out for the children’s gallery of photographs in the FOSM room in the coming weeks.

Check out all the images HERE

Written by: Mrs Cochand