U11 Girls IAPS Regional Qualifiers at Bryanston, Wednesday, 2nd October

FSM’s U11 girls were utterly ‘fantabulous’ at Bryanston! They were organised, enthusiastic, helpful – even before we set off. During the day we could not have been prouder of them. Their work rate was excellent, their application on pitch focused and determined; they put EVERYTHING they had into the games – and then some more.

Bumps, bruises, bursting lungs, a few tears… they worked through it all, epitomising FSM’s GRIT definition. An hour and a half of flat-out hockey, plus the emotional stress of two lots of penalty flicks; not losing a single game; losing out to the eventual winners only on penalty flicks; pulling themselves up from that disappointment to play the bronze medal match, again ending in penalty flicks; their uninhibited excitement and delight when we won: these girls make an awesome team and deserve every second of their success.

Huge congratulations to Immy, Olivia C, Anna, Boo, Ella, Freya, Olivia L and Jessie!

Written by: Miss North