Year 8 headed to Dartmoor for their Geography /Science field trip. They studied the river Dart and spent time doing Scientific quadratting on the Moor. Alongside the ‘work’, they took part in a range of activities such as raft building, a night walk, high and low ropes courses, mountain biking, rock climbing, gorge scrambling and a range of team games. The final moments were spent gathered together around a camp fire, heartily hammering out camp fire songs.

The children had plenty of fun and, at times, demonstrated true GRIT in some challenging situations. They returned to school with a warm glow in the belly for a job well done and more confident in their own abilities to face challenges head on.

Despite the forecast for the week, we were unbelievably fortunate to only spend about 10 minutes of the trip in rain during our bike ride along the Granite way. Thank you to Miss North for organising that crucial factor.

This bunch of Year 8 s were a pleasure to take away and deserve an enormous amount of credit for the way they conducted themselves throughout, making me and indeed FSM proud of them.

Check out photos from the week in our Image Gallery here!

Written by: Mr Humphreys