In Life Skills this week, we have been joining community groups and schools across the UK to take part in Parliament Week ( One week is not enough time to cover everything, so this seems to be spilling over into next week too!

From my conversations with our children in Life Skills lessons, particularly the older ones, I know that many of them are very interested in politics at the moment. Especially with the General Election fast approaching. The children have been listening into adult conversations about Brexit and are very worried about the outcome of leaving Europe, or are keen to just get on with it, no matter how. The children are also very concerned about the climate crisis, and would like to do something about it.

In our Life Skills lessons, we have been learning about democracy, the structure of parliament, the process of creating laws. We have also been learning about the tasks of the House of Commons, the House of Lords, the Monarch and the supporting employees of parliament, including those who take part in select committees. Finally they have been learning about elections.

My wish is that with better informed young people, they will feel empowered to get involved in politics and in their communities.

Written by: Mrs Whiteley