With ‘Communication’ being the school’s key Learning Power for this half of the term, FSM’s Geographers and mighty Forest Schoolers have swarmed all over it! As part of their topic on ‘Transport’, Year 7 spent time researching the controversial HS2 before choosing a side…are you for it, or against it? The two teams plotted their arguments and boldly made their points. The jury is still out for which side emerged victorious.

In Forest School, pairs of children took part in challenges to draw a picture only one of them could see. The other, had the pen and had to rely on an accurate description of the original artwork! There were hide and seek games in the woods with certain rules in place to encourage communication and a blindfolded stick tower challenge with the children again having to communicate well to achieve.

I was pleased to hear someone mention that ‘Good Communication is what makes the team strong’. Wise words indeed!

Written by: Mr Humphreys