On Saturday 7th December, the DHH was transformed into a beautiful evening venue for our annual FOSM Night – and this year the theme was ‘James Bond’. With a black tie (and baddie optional) dress code, we welcomed over 130 guests to enjoy an evening of entertainment. 

The evening started with a drinks reception, before guests made their way into the Hall. All children in Years 5 – 8 took to the stage performing a range of musical items from whole year group performances to presentations by all of FSM’s senior musical ensembles. The Gap Students and GSAs had the audience roaring with laughter during their sketch ‘The FSM Nativity’ and it was a magical night of musical entertainment.

Guests also enjoyed a three course meal served by some of our Year 8 pupils. 

The evening is organised by FOSM (Friends of Sandle Manor, our parent committee) with all profits go towards projects to enhance the School. Chair of FOSM, Simon Davies said: “An absolutely fantastic evening, and definitely my favourite that I’ve been to. The FOSM team made the room look fantastic, the food was top-notch and the performances from the children and staff were just heart-warming and inspiring. We will soon be totalling up funds raised on the night which will be going towards refurbishing the DHH – modernising and improving the space for school activities and also community engagement.” 

From Mrs Simons and Mrs Rowntree: We want to say a big thank you to FOSM for all of their time and efforts at giving us a fantastic evening. But the biggest thank you goes to our pupils who put in an amazing amount of effort to make the evening the spectacular event it was. Thank you. 

Photos from the evening can be seen here

Written by: Mrs Simons and Mrs Rowntree