In mid-March, FSM welcomed its latest residents – the Green Man and Solomon the owl.

Created by Isle of Wight artist, Paul Sivell, the Green Man welcomes all visitors as you drive towards the Manor House.

The sculpture was a thank you present from pupils who left Year 8 in 2017 and 2019.

In 2017 the pupils raised a fantastic amount of money but wanted to make sure it went to something a bit different and couldn’t choose a final idea. Before we knew it, the end of term had arrived, and the funds were put to one side for safe keeping. But when our 2019 leavers entered their final year, they saw the opportunity to combine funds and give the School something to really remember.

Following some trips into various forests, the staff and pupils were inspired by the wooden sculptures they saw.

Mother to now three FSM Alumni, Mrs Illingworth, found artist Paul online, and was supported by Mrs Morgan in finding the right tree stump and organising the day to complete the work.

The pupils approached the artist to complete the Green Man with his fantastic poem but asked for the addition of a special friend of Solomon the owl to be placed on top of his head. Solomon the owl has been the School Mascot found in records since the 1940s.

FSM Alumni Toby says: “FSM treated us to so many amazing trips, and during one of them we saw these wooden sculptures. As soon as we saw it, we knew that we’d really like FSM to have something similar”.

FSM Alumni Phoebe says: “We’re so excited that everyone who visits FSM will see our gift! It’s really cool and you definitely notice him!”.
Headmaster, Mr Wells, says: “Thank you so much to all the pupils from 2017 and 2019 who contributed, and Mrs Illingworth and Mrs Morgan for your dedication to giving FSM a truly unique gift! It is so striking when you come to School. We hope that you’ll all be back at some point to see it in person”.

All that’s left is a wooden plaque to be erected by this fantastic addition to the FSM grounds; for everyone to remember where this generous gift has come from.

Thank you to our Year 8 Leavers from 2017 and 2019.