Just before the break, our very brave Year 8s took to the stage and completed their PSB Presentations.

Our original event was scaled back to allow for the unusual circumstances and they presented to Year 7 pupils and a range of staff. 

Unfortunately not all Year 8 pupils could attend the event, but those who did made sure everyone’s work was represented. 

Each team gave a clear presentation with a summary of their projects, and what they learnt about themselves along the journey – reflecting on each project to ensure they didn’t make the same mistakes again

A short Q&A session followed where they answered unplanned questions from the audience. Some of the answers proved quite how much they had grown in their Learning Powers, and how those skills will help them in their senior schools come September. 

We are incredibly proud of all those who presented and showed in the face of pressure and lots of change, they could rise to the challenge! 

A few comments captured from Year 8 presenters, proving why we know that the Learning Powers work in action:

  • “I had to improvise, adapt and overcome”
  • “Reflection took me from a D in the first project, to a C in the second, and an A in my final project”
  • “Self reflection and communication are two key areas improved on during the enquiries”
  • “I broke work into smaller chunks to make it less daunting”
  • “My best advice is don’t waste your time – especially in the research stage”
  • “Reflection is definitely the most important thing between enquiries”
  • “Writing a 1000 word essay gave us realism of what it will be like in senior school”

Congratulations Year 8.