We want to give a big shout out to pupil Flora for her community spirit. As part of Project Unity, we received this from Flora:

“Last year we decided to plant some shop bought sweet pea seeds. As you know with sweet peas you have to cut down the flowers otherwise seed pods begin to grow. But, when the flowers had had their time, I decided to leave them and harvest the seeds. I had to put the seeds in the airing cupboard for a very long time, before they were ready to plant this year. When it came to planting, I was very excited that my seeds would germinate and create new sweet pea flowers. Once we had planted the seeds it was time to wait, but very unfortunately our puppy had other ideas! She decided to throw the Tupperware box which I had planted the seeds in around the garden – so that was the end of those seeds, except for a few which I planted in a small metal watering can.

Due to this unfortunate event, I asked my mum to order some seeds. We ordered one packet of seeds which to our surprise had over 120 seeds inside. As we were planting them we were worried that not all of them would grow. A few weeks later we were very surprised when we started to see the seeds germinating and began to see tiny green shoots. Over the next few weeks I wondered how many more seeds would germinate. Surprisingly, nearly every seed germinated and we had over 100 tiny sweet pea plants.

This weekend I decided to re-pot the tiny plants out of their seed tray into individual plastic pots. I thought, because of the delicate task at hand, that not all of them would grow, but sure enough I was wrong. At this stage I now had over 100 small sized sweet pea plants which needed a home. I decided to donate one plant to each of the houses on the Army patch that I live on – this is over 40 houses. My mum put a message on the patch Facebook page, telling people they would find a sweet pea plant on their doorstep. After this, I had great comments on the Facebook page and people were very grateful.”

Mr Wells says “I often talk of the wonderful kindness of FSM pupils. Charity does not need to involve money – gestures like this are often the most generous. Flora, you are a superstar and your school could not be prouder of your thoughtful and generous spirit. Keep up the great work and I hope they take good care of them.”

Well done Flora!