Congratulations to everyone who has been named in our Spring Term Prize Giving Awards, delivered via our live assemblies on 22nd May 2020. 

The full list is below! 

Full Colours Half Colours
Harriet V
Amelia B
Robyn W
Emily FS
Lily D
Evie W


Full Colours Half Colours
Theo M
Joe C
Tom B
Harry S
Will W
Dan L
Harry B 
Henry T
Tom P
Wilf T
Alex T
Connor M  


Senior Boys Hockey Cup (Ys 7 & 8) T. Morgan
Senior Boys Hockey-Most Improved (Ys 7 & 8) D. Mayoral Castillo
Colts Boys Hockey Cup (Ys 5 & 6) J. Gray
Colts Boys Hockey-Most Improved (Ys 5 & 6) A. Sington
Junior Boys Hockey Cup (Ys 2 – 4) F. Connock
Junior Boys Hockey-Most Improved (Ys 2 – 4) C. Bridges
Senior Boys Cross Country (Ys 6 – 8) T. Bull
Senior Girls Cross Country (Yr 6 – 8) H. Vallings
Junior Boys Cross Country (Ys 3 – 5) G. Shave
Junior Girls Cross Country (Ys 3 – 5) I. Connock
Senior Netball Cup (Ys 7 & 8) H. Vallings
Senior Netball -Most Improved (Ys 7 & 8) A. Brown
Intermediate Netball Cup (Ys 5 & 6) J. Connock
Intermediate Netball-Most Improved (Ys 5 & 6) P. Kettler
Junior Netball Cup (Ys 2 – 4) I. Nelson
Junior Netball-Most Improved (Ys 2 – 4) L. Du Luart
Solomon Eagle. English- Best Piece of Written Work For The Term S. Walker
Senior Music Cup E. Foss-Smith
Andrews Progress Shield H. Vallings
Junior Music Trophy L. Du Luart
Junior Progress Shield (Music) I. Nelson
Choir Cup T. Morgan
Music Credit Shield R. Du Luart
Form Prize for Effort 8F                  J. Connock
Form Prize for Effort 8S  A. Talbot King
Form Prize for Effort 7F F. Alston
Form Prize for Effort 7S L. Ford
Form Prize for Effort 6F  M.Wildish
Form Prize for Effort 6S  H. McHamish
Form Prize for Effort Y5  M. Dure-Smith
Form Prize for Effort Y4  F. Connock
Form Prize for Effort Y3  S. Schnapka
Form Prize for Effort Y2 A.Griffin
Form Prize for Effort Y1 E Benjamin
Anderson Cup (Cub/Scout) H. Williams
Boarder of the Term L. Ford
Spirit Of FSM B.Lovatt
Moncrieff Dhow for Citizenship S.Walker