Year One had a most wonderful afternoon on Tuesday. They used their DT and Maths knowledge to construct castles. Ok, so why was that wonderful?

It was fabulous because alongside the basic task there was a great deal of teamwork and communication as the children helped and supported each other.

Resilience was called for as a turret collapsed or a drawbridge wouldn’t ‘draw’ and determination was required to set the problem right.

Concentration was evident in abundance as small children tackled cutting out castilations and creating cones for the tops of the towers and each and every child rose to additional challenges set and gained huge satisfaction and a sense of achievement through constructing a cardboard castle through their own endeavours.

These children are our future. They will be the architects of future homes, websites, companies, bodies and environments. The toolkit they will need to do these things is being made in the Lower School.

Written by: Mrs Spottiswood