Last week, the mighty Forest Schoolers and Outdoor Education heroes from Year 2 all the way up to Year 8 were faced with different games and challenges that required plenty of communication. Years 2 and 3 took on the famous ‘chicken, corn and fox’ river crossing challenge as well as the lesser known ‘giants and dwarves’ one. There was also a Lego building challenge.

Year 4 worked together to battle through and crack the code to an explosive minefield.

Year 5 took on a communication themed drawing challenge and competed in a caterpillar race.

In Outdoor Education, Year 6 devised their own form of ‘customs and smugglers’ or ‘’capture the flag’ style game. Next week, they will have a go at playing it.

Again in Outdoor Education, the Year 7s and 8s worked together to have some tarp races before deciding on and erecting tarp shelters of their own.

Written by: Mr Humphreys