Years 2 and 3 have been busy getting into the Christmas spirit by planning and then writing acrostic Christmas poems. They used everything they have been working on this term; a good range of adjectives, similes, alliteration and adverbs – to create some wonderfully creative and inspiring pieces of work. Mr Hosking couldn’t be prouder of the children continuing to always give their best and the progress they are making.

Some of our favourite lines;

Candy Canes are hung beautifully on the magical, emerald green Christmas tree,
Ho – ho – ho bellows Santa as he flies on his ruby-red sleigh,
Rudolph leads the sleigh in the midnight sky,
Innkeepers open their doors and shout, “sorry, there is no room!”
Stockings are hung gently above the blazing fire,
Twinkling tinsel is wrapped around the sparkly tree,
Mince pies are being eaten on Christmas eve,
Angels sing beautifully in the sky,
Shiny snowflakes are gliding down to the soft glittery grass.”


Written by: Mr Hosking