Over the last few weeks preparations for this year’s production have been full steam ahead.

Following last year’s remote ‘reading’ of Bugsy Malone, when discussion’s first began regarding this year’s performance, we were not entirely sure what this year’s event might look like. As the situation and guidelines have changed throughout, so to have the aspirations and hopes of our creative team and our players. Only 6 weeks ago we were still discussing how to solve lighting and scenery issues had we suddenly been forced to perform outside and what sort of an audience we might actually be able to entertain. As such, the focus was very much our pupils.

The children haven’t had their usual trips this year nor the traditional treat of visiting theatre companies so the cast and directing super duo of Mrs Rowntree and Mr Peak set about ensuring they ‘wow’ their peers. And boy did they manage that! From our youngest children in Reception to the lucky Parents who were able to join our live audience, Spellbound is the only way to describe it.

Mr Wells said, “Chatting with our children across the entirety of the age range it is clear how much they enjoyed the show and what a wonderful job the team accomplished. Addressing the audience regarding how proud I was in their achievement during such a ‘topsy turvy’ year was quite emotional and my only regret is that due to Covid and ‘production’ rights’ we were not able to share it with a wider spectrum of the FSM community”

Special thanks to Mrs Cochand for capturing the moment with these wonderful photographs.