Today in our Nursery and Pre Pre Prep, we celebrated ‘Talk Like a Pirate Day,’ learning about the letter P, different words that begin with P, and writing it. They also made treasure maps and picked some blackberries – to protect against scurvy.

Reception Teacher Mrs Holdom said:

‘We’ve had great fun today celebrating ‘Talk Like a Pirate Day!’ They made pirate hats, cutting out their own skull and crossbones emblems, carefully following a cutting line. The children practised writing their own names on pirate-themed ‘Wanted’ posters and then learned about words starting with a ‘p’ sound, taking care as they passed around tiny ‘p’ objects. The children learned how to make a ‘p’ in sand and then set about writing their own ‘p’s using pencil and paper. After a play in the Pirate Ship playground, Reception had fun learning about old maps and compass directions as they made their own treasure maps with crocodile-infested swamps, palm trees, mountains and ‘X’ marking the spot where the treasure is hidden!
Reception are also thinking about healthy eating, and unlike real pirates, they had the chance to make their own fruit skewers to keep scurvy at bay! They loved picking their own blackberries and then counted six pieces of juicy fruits to create their own nutritious snacks. The day was wrapped up with a Pirate Sea Shanty before heading home.’

See some of the photographs from the day below: