Today is National Poetry Day. It’s about encouraging everyone to enjoy, discover and share poetry.

We’ve had everything from analysing the mood and feel of World War 1 poetry to breaking down the language and mechanics of poetry, including how the meter can be applied to make a poem happy or melancholy.

Our Year 6 have been out onto our Moor discovering the smells and textures of nature, using these to have a go and start their poetic verses. There has also been work on exploring stanzas and their meanings within the larger poetic pice.

Mrs Thornton, our Head of English said:

As part of National Poetry Day and developing a deeper understanding of other cultures, Year 6 challenged themselves with a study of ‘Island man’ by Grace Nichols. They enjoyed illustrating each stanza and talking about the contrasts between life on a colourful Caribbean island and the greyer, slightly more dreary landscape of London.


We love this Limerick from Sadie Pretty:


On national poetry day

Our pupils all shout hooray

From limericks fun

To World War 1

We let everyone have their say
See some of the photographs from the day below.