The Music Department of Forres Sandle Manor School in Fordingbridge is proud and excited to announce a brand new addition to their instruments, a Javanese Gamelan.

The term gamelan is derived from the Javanese word ‘gamel’  meaning to strike or to handle and this refers to the ensemble of predominantly percussive instruments. The most common instruments used are metallophones played by mallets, and hand-played drums called kendhang, which registers the beat.

The Gamelan is a fantastic addition to the department and will be used for music lessons across the school, focusing on Year 5.

Head of Music Mrs Ali Dos Santos said 

“The Gamelan at FSM is very special indeed, having been made by hand in Indonesia especially for the Hampshire Music Service and is one of a kind! I am so excited that our pupils will have a chance to experience playing this beautiful music together.”


See some of the first workshop taking place: