Today as the country fell silent for Remembrance Sunday, we are incredibly proud of our pupils who represented our school at ceremonies in Hampshire and Wiltshire. It is an absolute honour for our pupils to be taking an active part, to reflect and remember the service and sacrifice of all those who have defended our freedoms and protected our way of life.

One of our Brownies (Kate) & one of our Guides (Boo) also joined the local Brownie/Guide units to share laying a wreath at the memorial at the rec. Our Brownie standard-bearer was Bea, escorted by Kate & Sophia. Our Guide standard-bearer was Ella, accompanied by Boo & Poppy.

Here is a photograph of Guide Ella carrying the Guide standard.

Pupil Holding Standard for Remembrance

Remembrance 2021 ceremony in Whiteparish

One of our Brownies, Rowena was at another Remembrance Service in Whiteparish. She has always wanted to parade with her Granny and her pack of Brownies. Granny has been Brown Owl of 1st Landford (New Forest) for more than 30 years!
Rowena’s whole family attended the Remembrance service, where Rowena was Christened, and she was very proud to be with Granny and the other girls.
Here is Rowena and her Granny today.
Brownie and Grandma
See more of the photographs from today’s Remembrance Service in Fordingbridge below.

To see our Remembrance Service at Forres Sandle Manor, click here.