Christmas at school during Advent is a busy and exciting place to be. Nativity plays and carols fill the air whilst the classrooms are awash with glitter.

In all the thrill of presents and Father Christmas, it is easy to forget that there is a reason underlying all this activity, and we in the Pre-Prep find this still point of calm in our Christingle service.

Christingle lighting


The children made their own Christingles in the classrooms. They were then told what each part of it represents – the orange, the candle, the ribbon, sweets and fruits.

Later in the afternoon, we gather together in the beautifully panelled Front Hall next to the fire and under the Christmas tree. In a big circle, children sat and listened to the Christmas story and the reason behind this celebration of Christmas for Christians.

We lit the candles and the children gained an understanding of the story of Christmas story and the importance of Mary, Joseph and the Baby Jesus. They were told about The Light of the World, which is there at the darkest times, just as a candle lights up this dark winter season.

Having spent this quiet time together, the children left and carried on with all the wonderful hustle and bustle of Christmas preparations, but hopefully, that still little flame will continue to burn and remind them what Christmas is really all about.

Here are some of the photographs from the service below.

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