Now, we all love cake and cocktail parties but what if it was also to earn a Brownies badge too!

Brownies Badge

Well, this is exactly what Alice has been doing for her Brownies badge over half term.

Alice picks up the story:


I wanted to do something from my Brownies Badge Book and  I was inspired by the cooking badge so I made a cake!



1 – Planning

I wanted to make a cake and have a cocktail party because it sounded really fun and it was!


2 – Recipe

I chose a cake recipe from Green and Blacks Chocolate Recipes called Inmates’ Chocolate Cake, and it was fantastic. Everyone liked it.


3 – Baking the cake

I made the cake with Mummy and we baked it in the aga


Brownies Badge Baking Cake Brownies Badge Baking Cake and Eating


4 – And testing it for taste

5 – Designing some cocktails and a menu

I made up some cocktails and used Google Docs to make the menu.

We tested the cocktails, THEY WERE AMAZING

Brownies Badge Cocktail making Brownies Badge Cocktail sampling



6 – Taking orders


Brownies Badge taking orders


Tom took orders while Alice made the drinks. 


The party was a big success.


Well done Alice, this is absolutely fantastic!


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