On Friday, we hosted our Swimming Gala. Parents were treated to an afternoon of fantastic skill and competitive racing.
Everyone who participated had a wonderful time, with some personal bests being recorded!
Well done, everyone.
See some of the photographs here.


Swimming Gala Swim

Swimming Gala Results

1st Pittswood 177 points
2nd Sloden 178 points
3rd Broomy 179 points
4th Hasley 186 points
Ridiculously close! Just a single point separating 1st – 2nd – 3rd in the end, with only 9 points between 1st & 4th. This was over a total of 72 races.
Junior Gala
1st Broomy 74 points
2nd Hasley 86 points
3rd Sloden 90 points
4th Pittswood 110 points
Senior Gala
1st Pittswood 67 points
2nd Sloden 88 points
3rd Hasley 100 points
4th Broomy 105 points
The House positions were completely reversed from Junior to Senior Galas!
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